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Project direction is applicable for every vessel >24m. doing refits in Spanish territory.

Applicable to every vessel of every flag.

Commercial or private.


How do I know what jobs are subject to the Project Direction law.

In general, all jobs that affect or are related to safety, stability, structure, propulsion, fire systems, etc.

And all jobs related to MARPOL, SOLAS, etc. 

One of our Acredited Naval Engineers will evaluate your worklist and inform you about what jobs should be under Project direction...


Long experience in Project Direction

The Naval Architects of Atlante have been doing project directions since 2008.

More than 16 for New Builds

More than 32 for refits.


When do I have to comply

Before statring a Refit in or out of the water.


Who can do a Project Direction of refit projects

Only Certified and Accredited Naval Architects with consequent insurance...