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  • AMI - It seems quite complicated, how do I set it up ?"
    Atlante takes the complicated out of the setup for you. Our team are trained on AMI and will provide you with everything you need in order to reduce your workload such as: Knowledge on a variety of systems Custom made hardware and software sensors for your vessel Maintenance modules that we integrate personally into your system
  • AMI – Doesn’t it seem over based on theory?
    AMI was developed by naval engineers that had dedicated their work building and repairing in shipyards. The theory and procedures came after. Our R&D department actively seeks ways to make improvements based on production. More than 300 vessels have trusted our system.
  • How do you diagnose potential failures ?
    Our diagnostics team will prepare a bespoke diagnostic module for your vessel, carry out sea trial(s), diagnose symptoms and/or root sources of failures and find a solution to resolve any problems found during the diagnosis period. Additionally, and by means of trend analysis, we can predict and prevent major damage and repairs. This will reduce costs and shipyard periods, allowing the owner to have the vessel available for more time.
  • How can we improve performance and comfort on our vessel?
    As we all know, all systems on board affect each other and in particular they effect overall performance and comfort. One of the main objectives of our assessments is to make sure that the equipment on board does not become an obstacle for performance and comfort. Our technical team will analyze real-time data via an array of assessments carried out. Detected areas showing lack of performance and/or comfort will be discussed with you to find ways to make improvements/upgrades in order to keep the vessel in optimum operational condition at all times.
  • Can I buy a fixed system/installation without a previous inspection ?
    No, not without a previous assessment from one of our experts. We customize our designs and installations to suit the requirements of your vessel and is done using real-time data. We analyze the functionality of your systems, the interaction with other systems and the compatibility with the vessel’s operation.
  • What exactly are “maintenance modules” and what are their advantages for my vessel?
    We offer you condition monitoring through a diagnostic process by way of advanced maintenance modules. Each module includes diagnosis software, diagnosis hardware, procedures, introduction of history of maintenance, trend analysis, and implementation in your maintenance software. Our aim is to save you time and resources in the long run through a comprehensive factual study detailing the care and maintenance carried out on the owner’s vessel. This in turn creates an inspection record for future reference. The main advantage being that as soon as you have a detailed record it provides a “previous history of the vessel” which aids, for example, the sale of the vessel, as well as creating an up-to-date record to let the crew (especially when a rotating crew) know when and where previous services have been performed. If you purchase a yacht without any prior service history, you'll have no idea when it received its last propulsion system maintenance checks, for example, meaning you would probably consider getting an inspection done right away, just to be on the safe side. With well-maintained service records, you will know exactly when this work was carried out, what work was carried out and by whom, as well as a planned maintenance schedule giving the owner peace of mind that his vessel is in optimum condition and safe and will continue to be so.
  • Case studies-what are my potential sources of failure
    As an engineer, you will want to know: What are the potential sources of failure? How can I tell if the equipment is actually doing the job properly? Was it built correctly? Has it been installed correctly? Is what I am seeing the root source of the problem or just a symptom? For each of our diagnostic systems: We measure and diagnose real-time data We find the root source of any underlying issues We tell you how to resolve it, or We resolve it ourselves as and where possible We follow up on all of the above in order to confirm that the underlying problem has in fact disappeared Case Studies: Please contact our technical department at: if you would like to review case studies where we have helped many owners resolve
  • How do I proceed ?
    Contact our technical team who will walk you through the steps. Our team will realize a diagnosis of the potential failures of your vessel, and then will intervene on the problem. Our diagnosis is made thanks to our portable and high technology devices. Each maintenance plan is custom made and every boat is taken through sea trials. The Operational Condition Monitoring Plan is for the life of your vessel.
  • Can I buy the diagnosis devices ?
    We don't sell any of our diagnosis devices. We use them on vessels for throubleshooting, diagnostics and as part of our operational condition monitoring plans. Permanent monitoring systems can be designed and installed for several systems onboard.
  • What is the conditition survey certificate ? And what are the advantages for me ?
    The condition survey certificate is a way to create an easy to reference checklist of the various checks and diagnoses performed on the vessel throughout the course of the scheduled maintenance plan. This certificate is the reassurance for every owner that their vessel has been maintained to high standards and is running at optimum levels at all times. Proof of proper maintenance Proof of best practice Historic of operational condition of the vessel Historic of upgrades and improvements Reduces devaluation Gives confidence to potential buyer Introduces database of know-how and best practice for crew Eases aging of vessel caused by rotation of crew or change of owners Allows easy budgeting for maintenance Proves the quality of the maintenance achieved by the crew Becomes a source of knowledge and training programs for crew
  • What do you mean by Custom Made Diagnosis ?
    Each system is different on a Superyacht. Our diagnostics team will configure our AMI diagnostic systems to monitor the parameters that we consider more important for each system. From there, we will obtain baseline readings that will be valuable for future interventions. By means of periodic sea trials we devise an operational condition monitoring plan that will be implemented in your maintenance plan.
  • In which cases do I need a permanent diagnosis system ?
    Sometimes, through our processs of diagnosis or operational condition monitoring, we detect pieces of equipment not functioning correctly that are critical in the normal operation of the vessel. In these cases, we might recommend to install permanent diagnostics systems.
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