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Atlante is our contribution to the improvement of onboard systems efficiency

"Atlante was born from our vision to create a company that made a difference and improved efficiency in all its forms onboard. We knew we could improve the process and accuracy in how yacht surveys are carried out. By developing the AMI (Atlante Marine Inspection) unit as part of the 20 assessments we offer, we can analyse and diagnose in real time, allowing more precise results."


Our Team

The Atlante Group is made up of enthusiastic, professional and dedicated maritime people. The team consists of naval-engineers, naval-architects, as well as naval-surveyors, who have been in this field of expertise for over 20 years. These naval experts have spent most of their working life within the maritime industry, either in an on-board capacity out at sea, or in shore-based operations within the marine sector.

The Board of Directors

Francisco is an entrepreneur with the capacity to manage large-scale projects efficiently. His extensive past experience in the marine sector makes him the ideal Managing Director of the group.
His working career has awarded him titles such as: The Technical Director in a ship-yard in-charge of new constructions; Head Project Manager in a refit ship-yards, Head of training program for surveyors as well as working as an Independent Surveyor and Naval Architect.
He founded the company Atlante Marine in Barcelona in response to realizing a gap in the market and has since then developed this idea further, in conjunction with Nick Adam and Monica del Toro, with whom he has jointly created the Atlante Group.


Francisco Pelluz

Monica del Toro

Mónica is one of the co-founders and her role within the Atlante Group is as the Business Development Manager of Atlante Marine Solutions.
Her primary experiences within the marine sector over the last 10 years include: the qualification as a Naval Engineer; being involved in everything from new construction to project managing refits in superyachts, logistical support for the Spanish Navy and as a Commercial Sales Director (marine). This makes her the ideal person to run the commercial side of the group.
Her responsibilities include: networking, project management and the maintenance of good relationships with our clients on a professional level.

We believe in R&D

Atlante prides itself on their continued research, development and launch of diagnostic systems apt for a variety of naval systems.

The initial diagnostic systems were developed to improve the energy efficiency of the Catalan fleet in 2008 and has continued to expand steadily over the years.
We already have more than 20 different diagnostic systems in place that have been installed in more than 350 vessels.

We mainly work on superyachts because they are built as prototypes and the diagnostic systems have to be custom made for each one.
Atlante was born from the idea to improve and develop system efficiency within marine sector.

We boast a very high percentage of R&D in our everyday work.
We continue to expand on our training program to further improve on procedures, qualifications and standardization within this field of expertise.


The Team, Thanks everyone who has helped us over the years to make our dream project become a reality! 

Pioneers in Marine Efficiency

ATLANTE has been a leading pioneer in marine efficiency analysis of fleets. In 2008, they developed and installed diagnostic software, hardware and sensors to 6 prototype vessels.

The diagnostic technology those days required numerous personnel and enormous space onboard. The diagnostic equipment has been further developed since then and is now portable, easy to configure and the procedures have been developed and standardized making it the perfect tool to customize analysis on any vessel.

" When we were young we shouted. Now that we have the knowledge and the means, we act!" 

Francisco Pelluz, Naval engineer

Quality Politics


The mission of ATLANTE MARINE SOLUTIONS, SL is to provide services that meet the expectations of our clients. In line with this mission, the Management establishes as a priority objective.

"The satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties through a job well done and in accordance with the approved provisions"

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