Our clients are our best reference

We have been using their operational condition plan since our boat was built,... it is amazing how many resources and effort we have saved.

They have given us great support for the last ten years.

Carol Benbrook, Captain MY Sanam 52m

Paco is the second best, Mónica is the best
Throughout our project they gave alternative solutions to all inconveniences that we came across.


David Linebaugh, Captain MY Lioness V, 64m

I am a great fan of what they do and the way they approach each project.

Alex Socias, Chief Engineer SY Nirvana Formentera, 53m 

The Ninjas of the super yachts, they can solve anything... for years and for my last three vessels they have given me technical support.

Alex Hernandez, Captain MY Mi Vida, 42m

Super geeks with super toys !

I love going to their offices to see their R&D projects.

There is always something new to learn. Lovely dog also.

Phil Hough, Chief Engineer, MY Balaju, 45m