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Energy Efficiency

Our contribution to sustainability
Marine efficiency packages for new build and retrofit.
Turnkey solutions to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.


Energy Storage and Management
Hybrid Propulsion Systems
Marine Efficiency Diagnosis Systems
Efficient Power Plants
Efficiency package for New Builds
Efficiency packages to Retrofit
Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans
Design and engineering of hybrid propulsion systems
The integration of a hybrid system in your design will affect the rest of the vessel. We will examine and eliminate issues that may arise during its implementation.
We follow a project spiral that leads to obtaining maximum efficiency out of your vessel.
Efficiency diagnosis technology
Before achieving efficiency you need to be able to measure, quantify and analyze it.
Atlante has been developing Efficiency Diagnosis software, hardware and installations since 2008.
We are now in the 3rd generation of Marine efficiency Diagnosis Systems.
New Builds Efficiency packages
By introducing efficiency upgrades from new build you will save resources from the very beginning.
Retrofitting efficiency upgrades might be more expensive or not possible in some cases.
Learn what systems or system upgrades you can introduce into your new build project.
Retrofitting efficient systems
There is a variety of upgrades of your installations that can improve the efficiency of your vessel.
An initial study will let you know the potential of improvement you have for your installations.
Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP)
A real Efficiency Management Plan is focused in making the same amount of work with less resources.
You don't have to use less resources, you have to obtain maximum out of them.

Our workshops and training programs
Knowledge as a way to make the transition to efficiency easy.
The concept of efficiency has become a very ambiguous word in the minds of different proffesionals.
We have created workshops for crew and professionals of the marine sector:
  • Relationship between efficiency and environmental care
  • Transition to marine efficiency
  • Hybrid or Diesel Electric
  • Introduction to the latest technology in Efficiency Diagnosis
  • Implementing Efficiency in maintenance plans
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