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Atlante Marine Diagnosis Center

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

The Islander

With Superyachts taking ever more care on increasing costs and the need to have a better insight on ships system to increase performance, Atlante Marine Solutions SL has seen a welcome uptake of their services. In assisting Captains and Chief Engineers focus their maintenance work by identifying existing or potential trouble spots and reducing their vessels down time and overall operational running costs.

Regardless if the motive is to reduce the vibration felt by the guests or to ensure a smoother running of the overall propulsion system, Atlante has created procedures (and technically comprehensive in-depth monitoring interface) that is customised to the individuality of every vessel. Reports created will not only give you an insight of the current status of your yacht, but also creates a solid track record with baseline data that all future improvements can be referenced to.

Barcelona – being a key port for maritime services with world class docking facilities as well as being a popular international travel hub – has always been a home for Atlante. To ensure the best possible service to their clients, Atlante is heavily investing in the growth of their office. With the recent addition of new staff, we welcome on board Tim Gorter as our Commercial Manager and Jose María Pardo Gomá who joins our growing diagnosis team of Surveyors.

Being conveniently located in Edificio El Far, (next to Marina Port Vell), the team is capable of providing its services to any of the yachts that are on the Mediterranean coast. This complements the Head Quarters in Palma de Mallorca and the forthcoming office in Fort Lauderdale, USA.

As always, Atlante shows its strength in being an independent assessor by providing the client, support with an in-depth technical inspection. This diagnosis report will guide you to select the right services provided by the many maintenance companies, focusing the discussion on what really matters. Suppliers will be assured that they will not find any nasty surprises, and that they have the right information to proceed by and reference to. The client will be happy with the knowledge that they will see effective improvements in not only the mechanical side but more importantly in the comfort side of the vessel.

We know that the most important factor for any yacht is that the guests on board can enjoy the vessel when it is performing at its best. This very factor has always been the central focus of Atlante to create a company that holds this as its central value, whilst at the same time to improve the performance of your vessels systems and reducing the overall running costs.

Please do come by and see us, or join us on one of the workshops that we run on regular intervals. Keep an eye on our website or follow us on twitter @AtlanteMarine. Of course, you can call us on +34 971 962 563 / +34 935 665 229.


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