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Three years ago ATLANTE opened her second office in Palma de Mallorca (First one in Barcelona, in 2008). Since then, the company has been growing rapidly in Knowledge, Technology and Certification. Just recently, the company acquired the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2015 applicable to Marine Diagnosis and Consultancy, approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. This is another big step that allows the company to keep on making diagnosis to superyachts, providing technical support as much to Captains and Chief Engineers as to subcontractors of the sector, Astilleros and public/important entities of the Balearics marine industry. An added value that, little by little, is having its recognition within the sector.

ABOUT ATLANTE Atlante is a complete marine engineering and yacht system consultancy that provides a comprehensive range of surveys and assessments for private and commercial vessels. With 15 years’ experience, they are at the forefront of marine surveying by creating bespoke digital assessments for each individual yacht. Their unique portable inspection unit (AMI) allows them to do condition monitoring, diagnosis of failure, trend analysis and efficiency analysis in real time quickly and efficiently. They will extensively survey your yacht, then implement the changes or upgrade, and finally a failure prevention check ensures the issue will not arise again.

ABOUT THE LEADERS The company is leaded by Francisco Pelluz and Mónica del Toro, both are Naval Architects and Masters in Marine Engineering with extensive experience in production (New build shipyards, Refit Shipyards), survey (Condition monitoring, failure diagnosis, efficiency diagnosis) and system design.

ABOUT THE TEAM They are an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. In continuous training process and contributing to increase the know-how of the company.

WHAT ATLANTE THINKS IS IMPORTANT They know that the most important factor for any yacht is that the guests on board can enjoy the vessel when it is performing at its best. This very factor has always been the central focus of Atlante to create a company that holds this as its central value, whilst at the same time to improve the performance of your vessels systems and reducing the overall running costs.

ATLANTE’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE SUPERYACHT SECTOR Atlante was born from their vision to create a company that made a difference and improved efficiency in all its forms onboard. They knew they could improve the process and accuracy in how yacht surveys are carried out, and by developing the AMI (Atlante Marine Inspection) unit as part of the 15 assessments they offer, they can analyse and diagnose in real time, allowing more precise results.

With its innovative portable diagnosis system, ATLANTE makes available to all the technology that so far only sectors with more economic resources could afford (Navy, Industry, Formula 1, etc.)

IMPLEMENTATION IN MAINTENANCE PLAN In addition, this year Atlante has launched an implementation module of their diagnosis systems in the yacht maintenance plan.

This will allow continuous monitoring of the status of the onboard systems, condition monitoring, trend analisys, predictive maintenance and energy efficiency control. And best of all is that when everything is modular and portable, no big investment in equipment or highly specialized personnel aboard is required.

COSTS REDUCTION It has been proved that the payback time of Atlante’s systems and procedures is about 2 years under normal conditions. In cases where any failure is avoided or lifting out is prevented, the return on investment is immediate.

For all these reasons…Congratulations Atlante team…!!!


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