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IDEA Course Reminder


Atlante and Evolution are promoting the training courses of IDEATM within the yachting industry. Depending on the level of knowledge toward the IDEATM software, there are available two kind of courses:

  • General course: This is the elementary training course and it is addressed to those Chief Officers, Captains and Engineers who do not know IDEATM and they need introductory concepts.

  • Advanced course; which includes high level of explanation to know how make the most of the IDEATM software, exploring a case study inside the advanced module of diagnosis by Atlante.

These custom-made courses are officially certified by IDEATM and they are given by Atlante specialists at their new facilities in Palma de Mallorca.

If you wish to receive further information and you are interested in attending these certified training courses please write to Evolution Yacht Agents.


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