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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

September 2018

Atlante Marine Solutions – Pioneers in Marine Efficiency Technology

Unless you are one of the over 300 boats that Atlante Marine Solutions are working with, you could be forgiven for not knowing much about them. This is mainly due to NDAs and privacy agreements, in one of the world’s most private industries: Superyachts. That is until now. Awarded the Best Company of 2017 by the Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Spain, on 29th June this year, the company can hide in the shadows no longer.

Sat opposite me, enjoying one of the best coffees in Palma are Francisco Pelluz and Monica del Toro, co-founders of Atlante. The pride emanating from them regarding not only the award, but where their company is going, is palpable, and rightly so. Francisco whose past roles have seen him be Technical Director in a ship-yard in-charge of new constructions, Head Project Manager in a refit ship-yard, Head of a training program for surveyors, as well as working as an Independent Surveyor and Naval Architect. These gave him the perfect insight to notice a gap in the market. Alongside him is Monica, whose impressive career as a trained naval Engineer saw her involved in everything from new construction, to project managing refits in superyachts, logistical support for the Spanish Navy and as a Commercial Sales Director. Together they launched Atlante Marine Services.

Francisco says that Atlante was born from their vision to create a company that would make a difference and improve efficiency, in all its forms, onboard. They knew they could improve the process and accuracy in how yacht surveys were carried out. With the team they developed the AMI (Atlante Marine Inspection) unit, as part of 20 assessments on offer. With the portable unit AMI they are able to analyse and diagnose in real time, resulting in far more precise results.

They originally launched in 2008 in Barcelona, but soon realised that the strength of their business lay in the longevity and repeat custom of clients who were based in the marine yards of Palma. So five years ago they upped sticks and moved the operation to Palma, near the entrance to STP. Now with three offices covering R&D, of which Francisco is the mastermind, Monica’s commercial home and their logistics and storage warehouse, they are no small operation. In essence their AMI Unit allows both new build and retrofit boats to coordinate multiple system diagnostics all in one place. The simple to use software, certification and history stays with the boat for life, regardless of changes in owner, captain or engineer.

Atlante provides turnkey solutions to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact through the improvement of the onboard system’s efficiency. However, before achieving efficiency it is necessary to be able to measure, quantify and analyse it. The team has been developing Efficiency Diagnosis software, hardware and installations since 2008. They are now in the 3rd generation of Marine efficiency Diagnosis Systems. By introducing efficiency upgrades new build superyachts will save resources from the very beginning.

Retrofitting efficiency upgrades are often more expensive and sometimes not possible however there are a variety of options for installations that can improve the efficiency of the vessel. An initial study run by Atlante will present various options.
Finally, Atlante will leave the vessel with the Operational Condition Management Plan. This Management Plan is focused on getting the same amount of work with fewer resources, by getting the maximum out of them. The range of products have been designed after years of experience in repair and diagnosis. The aim is to remove design failures and improve efficiency using the AMI Diagnostic System, along with the condition monitoring plan.

Atlante also offer workshops and training programs as they believe in knowledge as a way to make the transition to efficiency easy. The concept of efficiency has become an ambiguous word in the minds of different professionals. So they have created workshops for crew and professionals of the marine sector training in:
  • Relationship between efficiency and environmental care

  • Transition to marine efficiency

  • Hybrid or Diesel Electric

  • Introduction to the latest technology in Efficiency Diagnosis

  • Implementing Efficiency in maintenance plans

The Atlante Group is made up of a fantastic bunch of enthusiastic, professional and dedicated maritime people. The team consists of naval-engineers, naval-architects, as well as naval-surveyors, who have been in this field of expertise for over 20 years. These naval experts have spent most of their working life within the maritime industry, either in an on-board capacity out at sea, or in shore-based operations within the marine sector. And if they don’t have their noses engrossed in diagnostics systems, they can be found brewing up their very own beer! So, raise a glass to their future!

+34 971 422 718

+34 871 024 922


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